The Team

Meet the people behind the scenes of SILVER. The authors of the introductions and foreword, and of course the creative team that, working alongside Jonathan, put the book together.
PIERRE-YVES COUSTEAU (Author of the Foreword)
Born in 1982 in Paris, France, Pierre-Yves is the youngest son of Jacques Cousteau, the famed ocean adventurer. After studying biochemistry and space studies (both at masters level), Pierre-Yves worked as an intern for NASA in the search for microbial life in extreme environments before working at the European Space Agency as young graduate trainee in science coordination for biology experiments embarked on the International Space Station.
As a diving instructor and ocean-lover, Pierre-Yves founded Cousteau Divers in 2010, a non-profit organization dedicated to unite divers worldwide for the protection of marine life.

EDDIE EPHRAUMS (Project Technical Director)
Photographer, publisher, mentor, or as one contemporary describes him, something of a renaissance man. Over the years Eddie has worked with many well-known photographers, such as Joe Cornish and Charlie Waite, helping them to develop their ideas and refine their vision. Eddie started his photographic career as a specialist b&w printer before working solely on his own projects. He has regularly lectured and given workshops at various colleges and professional institutions including the Royal Photographic Society in Bath. He has written extensively for British magazines on creative b&w work, toning techniques, archival processing and platinum printing.

KEITH WILSON (Author of the Back Page Intro and Project Artistic Director)
Keith Wilson, originally hailing from Melbourne, Australia, moved to London in 1983 and has since become one of the country's most respected journalists, authors and artistic directors. He is a passionate traveller and is a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, which has led him in turn to work with many legendary adventurers, such as Sir Chris Bonington, Doug Scott, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Martin Hartley and Sir Wally Herbert. Keith is the founder of Black and White Photographer Magazine and Outdoor Photography Magazine, and was the youngest ever editor of the UKs Amateur Photographer Magazine.

ELIZABETH ROBERTS (Author of the Introduction)
As Editor of Black+White Photography magazine, Elizabeth Roberts has been privileged to work with, interview, and learn from, some of the most talented photographers of our time, including Don McCullin, Sarah Moon, Martine Frank, Fay Godwin, David Bailey – and, of course, Jonathan Chritchley. Since the magazine’s inception in 2001 there has been a huge rise in popularity of monochrome and Black+White currently sells worldwide.
Photo of Elizabeth courtesy of Tim Clinch.